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kazani za pecenje rakije hobby
Hobby boiler for homemade brandy of 34 liters

Produced in variants:

  • 34 lit. without mixer
  • 34 lit. with mixer

This products are intended for small production of brandy from the fruit of your own backyard.

With this boiler you can make about 3 liters of homemade brandy in just one process ( plus one binding constraint ). Easy to prepare and work, takes just one person in the process, easy to transport and process can be performed on very small spaces. It is suitable to use more types of heat sources: gas burner, gas cooker... and so on.

  • Warranty 2 years


Drawing boiler component parts

for the distilling of 34 liters with and without mixers

kazani za pecenje rakije HOBBY

1. Firebox 9. Thermometer
2. Boiler 10. Holender
3. Mixer 11. Connection pipe
4. Lever for mixer 12. Pipe for water runoff
5. Pinion gear 13. Cooler
6. Water sealing 14. Copper spiral
7. Handle 15. Legs - tripod
8. Cap 16. Faucet


 Technical data: Boiler: Cooler: Connection pipe:
 Volume: lit.  34  60
 Height:  mm  620  630
 Width:  mm  460  420  550
 Weight:  kg  15  7


Materials: Thickness / mm:
Boiler: sheet copper 99.99% purity 1 and 1,2
Firebox: cold rolled sheet 1,5
Cooler: galvanized sheet 0,55
Spiral and pipe: copper pipe Ø 22 x 1
Soft solder: tin Sn97Cu3%


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